On Road Training

Full License

We provide a two part training module to thoroughly examine your motorcycling abilities. Please take a look at the information below for more details on this course.

Module One

Module 1 consists of ten set exercises, some of which are performed at slower speeds, and at least two at a minimum speed of 50kpm.

Exercises can be practiced at one of our dedicated private sites, using our speed guns and equipment to help monitor your progress. These facilities have enabled us to gain one of the highest pass rates nationally already.

Module Two

This consists of approximately 30 minutes on the road riding in various traffic conditions, such as countryside roads and dual carriage ways. Both module tests are conducted by the DSA at one of two multi-purpose test centres in the North East.

From January 2013 the licensing law has changed to a stepped system, below is a brief outline of the changes:

A1 Licence

At 17 to 19 years old, all training and tests are performed on a 125cc motorcycle. On completion of the test you are then restricted to a 125cc for two years and will have to take further tests to go onto a larger bike.

A2 Licence

At 19 to 21 years old, all training and tests are performed on a motorcycle of at least 395cc, between 25kw to 35kw (33 to 46.6 bhp). On completion of the tests you are restricted to a bike of between the stated kw/bhp for two years and will then have to take further tests to ride a bike with unrestricted power.

A Licence

At 21 to 23 years old if you have held an A2 licence for at least two years, you can take further training and tests on a larger motorcycle of at least 595cc (40kw). On completion of this test, you can ride bikes of any size.

Any of the above licences can be taken if you are older than the minimum ages stated.

For more information contact us or view the DSA website: www.dsa.gov.uk